Monday, August 31, 2009 at 5:07 PM

omgomgomg, yesterday night .. Choi Seung Hyun asked me to be his girlfriend.

and yeah, of course i said YES!

He's my foreverrrrrrrr.. he would never break my heart! x3

you guys can call him TOP if you cant pronounce his name properly, he likes to be called by thattt anywaysssss.

and yeah. i love him. :)

and the main point of this blog entry is to highlight;

we're going to get married and have lots of little children that will take after their hot hot hot father.

:) :)

ciao , xoxo

[deeply in like with TOP]
=)My Linh.

crazy for angus
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 12:11 AM

hello again.
today was a pretty eventful day, but a good one to say the least!
i mean, school was okay .. we spent lunch up in the bball courts and yeah. i found out that ro was "never mine" and she cheated on me with sandra and fei! D; CHEH, YOU`LL COME CRAWLING BACK RO!
and yeah, after boxerise (which was HARDCORE BTW LOL but it felt good) we went to cabraaa!
i bought one of those happy cup drink thingies and sat outside library to meet ro. little did i know, as soon as i got to library, she pretty much JUST got there as well.
but yeah, we went to visit joline at PCYC, then ro went with jules to cabra to get something to eat whilst i went up to the library to attempt to get some math hwk done.
which, btw, was FAIL.
omg i got soooooo distracted, i was just sitting there writing my name all over my working out sheet thing. and i was doing like, 2 questions every .. 5 minutes or so. LOLL
then suddenly, RO called!
"if you love me you`ll come downn ! byeee mll "
i was like, LOL WTH?
ad yeah, i came down and greeted Paul and Joey. we stood infront of the libaray talking for a bt before we went and met Luke. :)
and shortly after, mother came so i had to leave them alll :(
i didnt even get to start complaining about how tiring but awesome boxercise is yet.
LOOL and yeah, came home , got ready for work .. went work.

work today was kinda bludgy, but thats not the point
and i have to say, the decorations are simply LOL material
i mean, there are hanging cows off the roof, and im not talking the big inflatable ones, im talking the hard and soft toys you buy from your asian bargin store.
LOLOL poor cows
but yeah, i took the liberty of taking some photos of the decorations. i couldnt get one of the little hard cows hanging from the ceiling, cos it turned out blurry and small. but yeah :

i honestly like that first one, cos as soon as you walk into the store, you`ll see that haystack. it`ll make the little kids even MORE excited about maccas LOL
and OMG THE COWBOY HATS LOL are so chat!
like, theyre prety big, and at the front , OBVIOUSLY PRINTED ON MICROSOFT WORD, is a piece of paper that has been crookedly cut and says CRAZY FOR ANGUS
it looks so chat! LOL!
but yeah, if i see the hat ill take a photo of it
thts it for now dears
ciaoo xx

Monday, August 24, 2009 at 7:39 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 8:53 PM

i have to make this realllllly speedy, cos ro is like, fully timing me and stuff. i mean SHE EVEN FULLY REJECTED ME ON MSN SO I COULD GO OFF AND DO ECO!
LOL stupid eco <_<
yeah, so my time is up now, cos i had until 8:59 to finsih it and its currently 9. i had soo much to blog about but meh! my life is more important! LOL

Bondi is great, but joey is better. LOL
Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 11:39 PM

Helloooooooo :)
today was a pretty hetic day, but it was really good nonetheless!
we went to bondi beach today, yes, the first time in like, a million years, and yeah. IT WAS COOLD! not cos it was at like night, but becausse we all seemed to have forgotten that its still winter! LOL but its okay, running around made us warm again (H)

i was soo excited i was jumping around the sand and singing "evacuate the dancefloor" by cascada or whatever, i couldnt seem to get that song outta my head!

OH YEAH ON THE Way to bondi, a motorbike hit the back of our car! like, i was INNOCENTLY daydreaming (at night? o.0) in the back seat, when suddenly linh hardbraked and i heard a loud KABAMMMM at the back of the car whilst my body wanted to like, fly out through the front window! thank gosh for seat belts man! i looked over my shoulder and saw like, the bike on the ground. so i was like"OMGOMGOMG GG! " i ran out to see where like, the rider was , cos i didnt see him when i looked over my shoulder in the car.. but yeh, when i got out he was already up and trying to get his bike standing agains.
IT HAPPENED ON A BUSY ROAD SO WE LIKE, BLOCKED UP A WHOLE LANE ROFL and yeah, OMG HE WAS SO CUTE! i know its totally inappropriate at a time like that, BUT YEAHHH LOOL he was like, mando i think. and he had a really cool haircut. and he was wearing a cool jacket. and cool gloves. and he had a PIERCING ON HIS EAR AHHHHHH but yeah, he said he was okay. we waited with him until his friend came, and kenny gave him some bandaids for his bleeeding knee. =D [dw guys, hes okay! he was sooo nice! LOL]

and yeaaaaaaaaah, got to bondi a little while later. we drove into the carpark and looked at the prices and thought that we would rather park somewhere else [cos like, we're asian. we aint paying like.. 20 bucks for like, 1 hour. LOL] but yeah, the prices stated that the first 1/2 hour was 5 bucks! and when we drove straight out, the man said we still had to pay it! stupid man, we were barely in there for 5 minutes

LOL OH AND OMG, for thhe first time in ike, 923482 months, i wore a dress! I MISS MY DRESSES SO MUCH! it felt so good to wear one again! who cares that i had to wear tights and a jacket cos it felt like it was -15 degrees there. the point is, summer is nearly here which equale more dresses and more beachh! =D

welps, thats all i have to blog about for now. gonna go sleep and wake up early for work tommorrow YAY ME -_-

yes, a picture of my shoes. it was an accidental one too, but i like it! LOL

i like to parade around in heels for kicks :)
Friday, August 21, 2009 at 5:55 PM

yeah, iam currently sitting here eating my mango falvoured chuppa chup and im already missing ro! its been like, 10 minutes since i last talked to her :(
but its okay, she said shes going to bring me back a rock ^^

speaking of ro, today i walked to school. . and the first thing she told me is that the student teacher dobbed ro and i in to mr nguyen! just cos she saw phones out and us chatting alott :( doesnt mean we dont do the work! LOL but meh, we were trying to be quiet and do our work today in math.. but being us , fail. we ended talking about like, alot of things :)
and when we got bored, we both went to the girls toilets and took luvos
cos we love math lke that.

its such a good movie! may seem like a chick flick, but i reckon its a good couple movie that both guys and girls could both enjoy!
ITS SO CUTEE! and theres this reallyyy cute guy in it! *squeals

maccas will nver be the same without her, who on earth am i going to ninja attack from behind now?!

okay. my head hurts from trying to drag out things from my memory to blog about.
have this quote thing my sister found and told me it reminded her of me.
"Im the type of person that can watch hundreds of horror movies & not get scared but would scream at the top of my lungs when toast pops out of the toaster."

ciao for now dears xo

feasting on soothers
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 8:58 PM

hello my dearrs :)
i just came back from woolies with like, a whole lotta things i impulse bought :(
i went there for soothers, cos my throat is like, slowly murdering me, and yeah ... came out with a whole bunch of other things that i dont even need!
but one thing that i DID need, was a lightbulb. cos yeah, the other day .. i came home from school. i ran to my room and turned on my light .. then, to my suprise, my lightbulb just fell out of my ceiling. like literally, it just dropped. so i finally bought a light bulb today, fully excited to put it in and for light to come back into my room, but like, i think theres something wrong with the circuit or whatever up there ... cos even with the new lightbulb it doesnt turn on :( so im blogging in the dark, how romantic.
and yeeeeeeeeah, today at school ..it was normal i guess. i was EXTRA sleepy today, literally falling asleep just standing there. OH AND MS WARDMAN CALLED OUR ENGLISH CLASS MARVELOUS! and that ms. a is really lucky to have us! and no, she wasnt being sarcastic. YAY TO US! ^^
so yeah, thats it for now. i think. might blogs later if im bothereddd
ciaoo :)

Crew meetings, Hot chocolates and laughing just because.
Monday, August 17, 2009 at 9:19 PM

its been a while since i actually blogged about my day, so here goes! ill try to make it a little interesting, but i dont like making promises i cant keep so bear with me! XD
ill start with yesterdayyy
Like , i did my usual shift at work .. 8-4. you see, maccas is like, freaking retarded.. ESPECIALLY on sundays! like, it used to be FULLL dead on sundays, so dead that people were literally being sent home 2 hours early! but these days, we get FULL smashed! like, not even just the NORMAL rushes every now and then ..when we get busy..we get FREAKING HAMMERED LIKE NO TMR.

LOLLL but yeah. work always does my head in :L
and yeah, after work, i quickly came home. . had the worlds quickest shower..got ready and went to ro's house! when i arrived, martin opened the door and told me that ro was still at church. so i went into her room and started raiding it. LOVE YOU TOO RO =D and yeah, i was planing on sitting on her huge chair and full turn around when she walked in and go all like "BOOOOOO 23$#@%9!!" and scare the living daylights outta her... but i figured that martin would tell her that i was there when she walked in .. so i ran out to tell martin not to tell her that i was there. little did i know, she was already in the drive way and was like, running in. so i had no time to run back into her room :(
so i sat in her lounge room in the dark instead. (Y) LOL

so yeah, after that sandra came and her father drove us three to church. yes, church. sandra and i wanted to see what it was like, and ro wanted us to meet the Famous 4. meeting them was fun, they are such a nice bunch of brothers! LOL
oh and in church, i was so lost! i didnt know what to do most of the time .. so i just did what everyone else was doing! and when they were all singing..i didnt really know the tune or tempo or whatnot.. so i just stood there looking like a total dud. :(
after church we just stood outside talking to F4, then they left.. so ro sandra and i had our usual girl talks whilst sitting on the brick fence thing infront of the Priest's house .. woops
hahah but yeah, we took some luvos.. then i went back to ro's house.

Well, that was my day yesterday in a nutshell. a rather big nutshell.

and today .. hmm .. school was normal. Linda, Cindy, Lily had to go to their open high school classes thingie, and ill say now. .its so different without them!
I was kinda quiet in eco. like, i couldnt think of anything to say! ROFL!
and no linda, get over yourself. ;)
i joke
afterwards i came home and blah blah. then i had to attend a Maccas crew meeting at Fairfield High schoool. i picked up dartee on the way and yeah, it was my first ever crew meeting..so i was PRETTYY excited.
and yeah, the meeting was okay .. we got lectured and told that things are going to be WAYYYYYY stricter now. like, way way WAY stricter. oh ! and we have a new burger thats coming soon..its called the ANGUS burger.

yes, nice name aye? and we're going to fullll promote it man! like, there will be BLOWN UP CACTUS'S and decorations in our store..and crew members are allowed to wear a cowboy hat and a chekcered top and stuff.. its crazy! i heard they soon want us to greet customers like "HOWDY ! HOW CAN I HELP YOU!" in the accent and everything@ OLOL how embaraassingg

and yeah.. after the meeting..everynoe that went meetng all crashed at ffld maccas.
i felt sorry for the ppl working , they got smashed cos we all came in ! LOL
slowly, everyone left.. and yeah. it ended up being me, dartee, viv, shirley, steph sitting outside. dartee and i were dirnking our awesome cafe drinks. and Jelena made me a reallllyy nice Hot chocolate. and dartee and i shared this chocoalte mudcake thingie .. it was okay .. for maccas standard i guess. LOL
and yeah, the meeting and afterwards was a crack up, i waas just laughing my head off sometimes! LOL
so yeah, this is prolly the longest post i had EVER written. cos usually, my "long" posts are only long cos i have the tendency to like, use the Enter key alot.
but this one actually has paragraphs O__O *shock horror
so yeah, have a good one guys!
and dont forget to drop into maccas to try our new ANGUS burger! only $9.45 in a large meal! LOL
ciao ! xx

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 11:06 PM


1. What's the first physical attribute you notice in a guy?

How many other girls he has around him. wait, is that even a physical attribute? LOL uhh , iono, depends what stands out about him =D

2. What kinda dress-style would the perfect guy have for: Going out? Formal? Date? Swimwear?
Going out - hahha, anything i guess. i dont really mindd .. but im into the whole .. jeans + any top + AWESOME SHOES LIKE THE ONES THAT SSEUNGRI WEARS! or like, the whole asian style with the vest and stuff. iono, its hard to say. :L
Formal - Black pants and a nice button up shirT! but the shirt must be long sleeved, then rolled up to near his elbows :)
Date -whatever makes him confortable. LOL
Swimwear - LOL what ro said- no speedos!

3. Hair?
hmm, whatever suits him!

4. How much older/younger than you can he be?
umm, about a couple months younger or older by 4 -5 years ish?


5. Where would you not want to go for a date?
no where where i have to be on my best behavior and have to act all classy or whatever ..first dates should be the most natural.

6. Where would he take you on a first date?
somewhere we can both relax and be ourselves?. a horror movie? :)

7. 5 personality traits that he would have:
-A good listener.
-Sense of humourrr (seriously, i dont wanna be in a relationship where i only laugh at myself.)
-Sweet, but not over-the-top. only the girls in movies likes flowers and sweet acts of nothing EVERY MINUTE of the day.haha
-Protective, but not OVER that he`d punch out any guy that i talk to.


8. You're crying, what does he do?
hugs me and lets me wet his shirt with tears. :)

9. You call him up at 2am, what's his reaction?
"we just hung up 5 minutes ago O_O"

10. You get bitch slapped by his female best friend. What does he do?
Well, it depends. . on the reason? if its something stupid i did or soemthing and its deserved .. then he`d prolly tell her off and tell me im wrong too? LOL and if its for something that is NOT my fault, he`d be by me the whole wayyyyyyy in ccalling my homies on herrr =D


11. How long would your phone calls be?
until i fall alseep z_z

12. How would you like to be confessed to? Or would you be the one confessing?
something spontaneous. =D


Hi! My Linh here. =) Year 12 stress is definitely starting to take its toll on me, but hey, persevere for just a while longer. LOL :]
I absolutely love life, the ups, the downs, the everything. Having an open mind and optimism i believe are key factors in getting the most out of life, and yeah, im still working on it. :D
I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee. And strawberries and cream. And dumplings omg yummmmmm =9
And yeah i tend to braindump a lot around here, LOL :)

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