Ciao my loves!
Monday, September 28, 2009 at 1:57 AM

So, off to camp for 3 days!
ill blog when i come back if im bothered.
tty soons :)

"Boys..they dont mean bad .. theyre just stupid." -Htrang
Friday, September 25, 2009 at 11:38 PM

let me start by saying;


and omg, yesterday, Linh let me drive the manual car.
MANUAL IS SOO HARD! you have to like, constantly watch your speed!
i stalled twice , buts its okay, she said im pretty alright at it!
.. considering i didnt even go fast enough to get into gear 2.
20km/h max ftw.

today was our last lesson with Miss Vu- it was such a sad good bye! we bought her some presents and a nice big card. I'm gong to miss her heaps! she actually tries to get me to fully understand and is a good teacher! ):

IM SO GLAD ITS FRIDAY! i havent been this free in yoooonkks! no assessments to THINK about , no hwk, last week next week, no stress - and to top it off, CAMP ON MONDAY! WOO!
life is great.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDD yeah, going shopping tmr.. cant wait! i need new items in my wardrobe pronto! i wish i had more money tho!

Super short update . my eyeballs are hurting atm :(

Have a good night buddies! xx

Cos its days like this that i truly wake up going WTF.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 6:28 PM

Oh my, this morning, i woke up and my whole room was orange! and i was like
but yeah, looked out the window and saw that all of outside was completely orangey-red. IT WAS EPIC.

getting through the day was quite a stuggle, with it being sooo weird to breathe normally and see normally! and dont even get me started on our classroooms! every single furniture was covered in a 9cm layer of dust!

Oh and today in math, i half-twisted-off my lid for my pen .. but i couldnt get it completely off! who knew that a PEN LID would be sooo hard to break!! RO AND I tried so hard to rip it off! after a while, and many many MANY attempts, we finally got it off. YAY US

chem today was quite fun too! Ro and i had our blonde moment when we held the ball of steel wool UNDER (yes, literally) the testtube and expected something to happen to the copper sulfate solution. IT WASNT OUR FAULT, the directions said "HOLD THE BALL OF STEEL WOOL UNDER THE SOLN AND MEASURE THE TEMPERATURE CHANGE" ..who knew that meant hold the steel wool underneath the solution IN< the testube WITH the thernometer. woops.
LOL oh and three tables were arguing whether that reaction was an endothermic or exothermic one. im still so confused!
and i dont know why, but i started laughing at everything and anything .. sometimes even nothing! i would just crack up randomly! its been happening all day actually, once i started laughing i couldnt stop. it even got to a point where helen put her arm on my neck and i dropped to the ground laughing
SORRY TO ANYONE I SCARED TODAY! (you know who you are :) )

English was fun too, we learnt about Miss A's daily schedule, and yeah. SHES SO COOL! i would totally love to have her as my sister! =D

So like, im supposed to be doing my English Extension assessment task right now. a 1500-2000 word essay on gothic. Oh my life! soo over assessments! Im still in holiday mode. Not that i was in holiday mode for our exams. ..*cough.
that is all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 1:54 PM

Procrastination at its best.
Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 9:27 PM

oh gawd, i signed off msn at like .. 8 ish or so hoping to hardcore study chem all night . i was fully into it too! i even TURNED OFF MY COMPUTER , moved my keyboard away from my table (i like my space,okay ?!) and got all my chem notes out. i was trying soo hard to get into study mode, and yes .. i did reach it after a while!
and wow, that was the most productive 5 minutes of my whole day.
you see, i get distracted ..reallly really easy.
like, wayyy too easy.
so whilst i was writing some chem notes, i looked up and saw my white nail polish. just SITTING there, looking at me.
and i thought to myself "hey, its been a while since i painted my nails .. this shouldnt take TOO long, right"
so off went all my notes from my table. and i wasted 40 minutes doing my nails.
and incase your wondering, it took that long cos i had to fix alot of them cos i cant paint nails with my left hand . =x
and yeaaaaaaaah, after that.. i realised that i really cbf with chem .. so i decided to do soemthing productive and got my math notes out instead.
TAKE THAT CHEM! math > chem anyday! >=)
oh and i might add, after i painted my nails.. i was looking for an eraser (since i lost mine) and after i finsihed looking through my basket of spare pens and stuff, i realised that all my nails were ruined.
yup, 40 minutes wasted for nothng.
LOL but its okay.. im gong to do math past papers now and stuff.
hopefully i wont get distracted again
i wish i had a caramel latte to keep me gonig right now, those things are soo effin addicting!
oh and im soo addcited to bloggng now, i even dream about it sometimes. joooooookes =]
i might blog later .. or tmr .. or after the prelims or something, when im like .. celebrating that exams are finally gone.
until then my dears! xx

at 1:14 AM

Hellooo ! :)
so yeah, since its like, 1:20 am, im just going to write as if this was posted yesterday (11/9/09 for all you confused children out there :) )
so yeahhhh, just recently got home from the wedding party thing i went too! it was pretty fun acutally. it was reallly small, but i guess thats good cos everyone was talking to each other and the whole party were pretty close. we had awesome wedding food (i totally pigged out! =x) and the cake was nice too!

it wasnt like those huge wedding cakes, it was just a normal one. but yum nonetheless!
and today, whilst linh and i were talking at the party .. we realised thaat all my cousins are either cute, hot or pretty! like, both the female and male cousins! theyre all soo pretty! LOL
yeah that was random.

Oh and the whole night, i was watching my parents + aunty and uncle try very hard to match-make my cousin and this other man. how fun was that. LOL

we ended up leaving at .. umm .. i think it was like, 1030 ish?
linh and i didnt feel like going home, so we dropped the parents off then drove around for a bit before deciding to drive to krispy kremes for coffee/hot chocolate.
but like, halfway there.. i was like "OMG! sam might be working today at wetheril maccas! LETS GO THERE INSTEAD AND HARASS HER!!"
so linh and i headed to wetheril maccas, only to find out that sam wasnt working. ROFLROFL
but its okay, i met this really cool chick that works there.. shes going to go christmas party so ill see her again there! and she made me a reallly nice caramel latte
go her!

so yeah, tmr, might be going to cvps reunion thingie!
either than that, study all day GG.
scrrew prelims. ruin my life!
so yeah.

ciao! xx

Friday, September 11, 2009 at 8:03 AM

CURRENTLY at ro's atm! we're going to walk to school like heros!
i have a wedding tonight, i dont really know the people getting married..but the point is , IM GOING TO A WEDDING@
its been AGEEEEES! i miss wedding-ings.
ro is currently drying her hair in front of me, she smells so nice :)

"DND, studying"
Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 11:23 PM

Oh boy! everyone is in study mode! it makes me feel soo bad. . i cant seem to get into the study fever! ><" but yeah, i plan to hardcore study every night until exams are over, i even N/Aed at work for like, pratically the whole week! (Y) im supposed to be doing some past papers now with my eldest sister's century-old calculator, but im on blogger instead .. oh so productive ml. :D weeeeeeeeeeell life has been pretty topsy turvy lately but hey, im just glad its finally starting to smooth over once again. i could never stay angry at life (keke) and that was a really short update about practically nothing. but hey, it killed 10 minutes of my time ..10 minutes of my study time.

ciao dears xx

10 things i love about maccas!
Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 4:28 PM

haha this was a post that dartee and i decided to post up, to show how much we want to leave love maccas!

1. i LOVE the people at ffld maccas. yeah, theres nothing i can say to express how much i wanna marry this bunch of people. yup, marry every single one of them . :) but then again, incest is wrong :(
2. i love making coffee at maccas, gee it smells so gooooooooood!
3. i love using the sauce guns at maccas- they make this really cool noise when you press them! :O
4. i love the regulars! their dedication to maccas gives me a job. LOL jokess. some of them are sooo nice and cute! ^^
5. i love it when it gets hetic around the breackfast/lunch/dinner time- everyone is just screaming at each other and the place looks like it had been bombed. its so much fun sometimes ! but cleaning it after is horrid. LOL
6. I love how ffld crew will back you up when youre swearing at customers even though we all know we're the ones that are wrong. xD
7. I love it when the people i love working with are all rostered on the same shift i'm doing. it makes the shift go sooo quick and makes me never want to leave :L
8. I love the tomato slicer. its the most amazing machine ever invented O_O
9. I love how there are really no secrets at maccas. if one person knows, the rest of the store will know LOL (with a few exceptions of course)
10. And yeah, I love how work is my favourite thing to hate :)

this is a realllllyyy old photo. some of these people leftt :( but i still like it!

My Linh and Linhs Cooking adventures fail.
Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 11:06 PM

HAHAH man, i love baking cake with the sister, i always get a good laugh outta it.
well yeah, we decided to bake cake for fathers day tmr, cos we love father like that <3 and yeah, the baking part was okay .. the icing is sooo tasty! and the cake smells so gooooooood!

ROFL! its so hard to usee! the letters came out all wonkitated and like, yeah ..
it was hilarious to hear linh go "uh oh .. " after every letter she finsihed!

and after we finsihed writing FATHER on the cake, we were sooo happy that it fitted .. then we realised that we forgot the s.
OMG i literally dropped to the ground from cracking up
but i think its one of those funny moments that are like, ROFL at the time .. but becomes "wtf .. " when you retell them. XD

and like, i dont know if the photos will show how retarded the letters look .. but yeah, theyre pretty dodgey.
it looks like.. you know in those horror movies .. when people cut their fingers and write them uneven msgs on the walls and stuff in blood?
but hey, i reckon its kinda cute. <3>
so yeah. i have had a good laugh for tonight
ciao dudes xx

perfect weather for doing absolutely nothing :)
at 12:45 PM

Hey heys!

HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY TO LILY SAMA! hope you have a great one today! =D

im currently just sitting at home .. soo bored.
i told myself i would start studying for the prelims today, since they are like .. in two weeks :S
i hate school sometimes. LOL
but yeah .. ill do my math hwk laters :) blog > hwk

and yesh, iam now going to turn this blog entry into a complaining blog ! :)
omgsh im soo broke! BUT THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I WANTT LOL and need to pay forr o:
stupid phone bill! if only i didnt go over the limit this month, i could start buying somethings! xD

and OMG the other day this girl came through drive thru and she had REALLY NICE LASHES!
im so jealous of people with long lashes! and i hate it how some guys have the longest lashes ever, THEY DONT EVEN USE THEM! well, most of them dont xD
but yeahh , the girl was telling me to buy this particular brand of mascara to make my lashes look wayyy longer. so yeah, ill try it when i get the money :)
she also said you can get lashes extensions .. I DIDNT KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE!

oh and yesterday, the gas station in canley heights blew up!
my sister and i were in the area when we saw a whole heap of black smoke in the air, and it looked like it was in canley heights .. SO us, being asians, drove to the site only to be greeted by 2398524 other asians standing around watching. i saw the top of the flame behind this building thing and it was MASSIVE! and really really orange O_O
but yeah, i went somewhere else and my sister went back there with elvis. she kept me updated by texting me every 2 minutes or so on the flames :) and yeah, she told me the gas station blew up
but it wasnt like, an explosion blew up..
i acutally dont know what type it was O_O silent blow up? O__O
but yeah.

canley heights has been pretty popular lately, with the hotel being robbed and the robber held someone hostage at gunpoint or something, i dont know. eventually police got the robber and yeahh
alright ill stop it with that, i feel like my blog is turning into a news documentary thing. LOL

i cant think of anything else to blog atm. so ill just stop it hereeeeeeees
ciao :) xoxo


Hi! My Linh here. =) Year 12 stress is definitely starting to take its toll on me, but hey, persevere for just a while longer. LOL :]
I absolutely love life, the ups, the downs, the everything. Having an open mind and optimism i believe are key factors in getting the most out of life, and yeah, im still working on it. :D
I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee. And strawberries and cream. And dumplings omg yummmmmm =9
And yeah i tend to braindump a lot around here, LOL :)

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