Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 10:00 PM

Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 10:55 PM

these quotess sum up pretty much all my emotions for the last couple of weeks :) LOL

I need you boo, gotta see you boooo :) i know this song is centuries old but the lyrics have never appealed to me more LOOOL

You take me higherrrr, than i ever been before my feet dont touch the floor, the sky's the limit(8)

Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes everything. Raises your standards, makes you laugh, & makes you feel like you. There's something about him that you can't put into words, & even though you're not even with him, you don't want to let him go.

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." this ones a classsiiiccc :)

Never let anyone fall for you when you know theres
someone else in your heart and mind.

You never fought for me. I wanted you to fight for me. (8)

"Dw, there are plenty of nice guys out there. Ones who can fix your heart and keep it instead of playing with it" (L)
at 9:46 AM

i had such a good day yesterdayy :)
i was woken up early by mother to go clean around the house ._.
but its okay! the cleaning for like, over an hour then gave me a reason to ask her if i could go out ! :D
yes ppl, im still kinda grounded =[ not as bad as before, but she still likes me home early and stufff ROFL
and yeahh .. went aunts housee IN A DRESS o.o
spent some time there, then decided to ask mother if i could go to paul and peter's bday thingie at ice satingg :D
and yeah, called sandra, she picked me up from aunts
my dodgey phone gps kept telling us the wrong way ! and sandra was frekaing out cos she was driving + road raging

so yes, i went ice skating in a dress =\
omg i was sooo coolldddddd ! i could not feel my fingerss :(
paul offered me his jackettttt but from experience, if i skated for a while id warm up a bitt
..i didnt =\
LOL we walked out and i couldnt feel my whole body so paul lent me his jackett :)
what a sweet heart 8D
LOL OMG LT4 are so funny when theyre all together
i never realised, but PAUL AND PETER ARE SOO ALIKE!
yes i know theyre twins, but not all twins are the same! right ?!

after wards sandra and i went "cruising" HAHHAHA
im just going to leave it as that.
lets say, revenge is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. and absolutely hilarious HAHAHAH
okay i have to go buy some things for mother at cabraa :)


Matters of the hearttt
Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 9:50 PM

at 8:55 AM

im so tired of everything.. ._."

Fallin' down , down , down (8)
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 3:42 PM

i shall call you squishy, and you shall be my squishy :)

havent luvoed in a while. LOL

Theres nobody else i rather be with (8)
Monday, April 19, 2010 at 7:19 PM

Something i stole from the gorgeous christina's blogggg :)
check it out guyss

i absolutely love ittt :D

"So this one goes out to all of the people who have been broken but have been strong enough to let go. For the people who have hurt so badly that they felt they could never love again, but kept their head up. For those who feel like going back to their old lover would put all the pieces back where they belong and everything would fit, but accept the cold hard truth instead. For the people that learn from their mistakes and never stop moving forward, even when they take two steps back. For the people that wish loneliness wasn't a part of them, but put up with it anyhow. For the people that are okay with taking up all of the room in the bed, even if sometimes it feels a little empty. For the people who wake up in the morning with no missed calls, but smile anyway. For the people that periodically miss the past, but are so much more excited for the future. For the people that have wounds still healing. For the people that have so much tied to their past relationship, but break those chains to start fresh. For the people that want to look back so badly, but focus on the road ahead. For the people that pick up the phone so tempted to call, but keep their dignity in tact instead. For the people that never wanted to let go, but had to. For the people that still believe in love even after all of the hurt their heart has endured.

For all the people that gave up not because they were weak, but because most times it's better just to let go.

This one is for you. We'll get our happy ending someday. "

Home sweet home :)
Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 9:01 PM

i love the feeling of home.
like, not necessarily a house ..
but home
omg, its the best feeling everrrrrr
to be able to sing loudly and dance around naked and leave my phone on un-silent through the night are like, the simple things i tend to take for granted! im so gladd i can do them once again butt :)
and for all the people reading this going "wtf is she on about? o.-"
dw. just get that iam starting to be a happy chap again :)

i really admire people who are strong willed and optimistic
like, even in the worst situations, their still able to remain calm and still see the bright side of things

so yeah , holidays are coming to an end and im sooo ashamed to say that i got no real work done! just, so much has been happening that school work is not even on my list to do! (list to do. TAE YANG LOL ;) )
but yeah, i promise ill try to make it up during the term! *eye twitches

OH YES, simon's was a pretty good nightt !
danced through the night, and i dont know whats wrong with me these days =\ like, there was a stage where i could NOT physically walk properly ! like iono, i was tired and my feet were killing! i had to hold onto things to walk and i felt like i was going to drop to the ground! LOL doesnt usually happen o.o but yeaaaaaaaaah :)

shout out to daviess! who had to put up with being my party buddy all night cos my usual party buddies couldnt make it !
cheers dude! :)

so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i cant wait to sleep in my bed ^^

Cos the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectlyy LOL :D
Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 6:08 PM

OKAY THIS might sound a TAADDD weird and like, freaky.
IT ALWAYS GETS ME when i see old couples like, holding hands and alll that sweet stuff!
like, iono, the idea of being in love for that long, and being able to hold hands with only that one other person for that long ..
is so niceeeeeeeee. :)
assuming that theyve been married for long, not just like, recently if you get what i meann :)

LOOL i hope i dont sound like a freak or the opposite of a pedo or something ..
but dont you guys also wish the sammmeee ?!
to be able to hold hands and go on dates and and and be in love as if you guys were teens again even when youre like, 90 ?!
:D :D :D
yeah that was really random.
maybe this is the reason why i was told last year by my english extension teacher that my creative writing was wayyyyy too romantic and not gothic enough..
ciao loverrrrrrrrss

the stockings and boots are coming backkk :)
Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 6:14 PM

konnichiwaa :)
im very bored atm, so ima blooooooooog :)
AHH TODAYYY it felt so good to hand the teachers my LAST exam for halfyearlies!
yeah i know its ONLY half yearlies, but it was seriously pretty intense and everyone was taking it as if it was the hsc ! go class of X! -tears-

anywayyyyyys, what to blog abooout.
ive been loving the weather recentlyy, loving this rain that we have been lacking throughout summer!
dont get me wrong, i like summer too ! but winter wins for meeeee :)

ive been a pretty confused child lately, from 3u math to life itself.
like, i seriously dont get why some people do the things they do! theyre old enough to know between right and wrong, yet they still do some things that many may deem .. unacceptable. =\
iono, its a little rant for today,
but i think some people should really be a little more considerate to other people's feelingss and think twice before they do certain thingss
now that thats out of the way,

im looking forward to the holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys :)
even though im grounded (yeah, dont ask .. LOOL ) ill be hardly out, but i guess this is good for me! maybe ill FINALLY get some work donee ! :D

oh and a CERTAIN someone (lets not use names here, shall we?) owes me like, 3 meals. HAHAH liike, dinner, and two maccas meals!

oh and i had to postpone my P's test cos of certain things that had happenedd :(
BUT NO WORRIES, the postpone date isnt TOO far off! i hope i dont failll *crosses fingers and toes

omg im cravingggggggggg to go out for some cheap thrillsss atmm. so bored at homee with this limited net =[
to a park, a friends place, even down the road!
and if anyone (LINDA LOL) is thinking "oh ml, you just said youre going to hopefulyl get work done" YEAH WELLLLLL I JUST FINSISHED HALF YEARLIES AND I ACTUALLY STUDIED SO IM ALLOWED TO SPOIL MYSELF FOR TODAYY :)

okay i THINK thats all for nowww
ciao lovely readers xo


Hi! My Linh here. =) Year 12 stress is definitely starting to take its toll on me, but hey, persevere for just a while longer. LOL :]
I absolutely love life, the ups, the downs, the everything. Having an open mind and optimism i believe are key factors in getting the most out of life, and yeah, im still working on it. :D
I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee. And strawberries and cream. And dumplings omg yummmmmm =9
And yeah i tend to braindump a lot around here, LOL :)

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