ahh its colddd shiverrrrss
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 12:48 AM

yayy i quite successfully completed my first all nighter last night !
it was quite fun
and i rewatched some old eps of the oc
OMG i never realised, i love MARRISA and VOLCHOK ! Of course no one beats seth and summer, but omg. marrisa and volchok .. two of the hottest people together

"My Linh, you are the type of person who has no shame." -Linda
Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 12:29 PM

okay, maybe im over being nice about it all . :(
so yeah
Fuck you. Fuck how you mess around with my head, and my emotional instability. Fuck how you know all this, yet still manage to find ways to absolutely kill me.

ahh. that actually felt kinda nice.
LOL omg i feel like such a bitch
i had a pretty great weekendd :)
friday night was relaxing, davies yosep and chung came with me on some errands. Then we got thanh and had "dinner" at kfc. HOW HEALTHY LOOL but yeah it was funn :) and omg , it took my mind off so many things.
Yesterday was the lovely christina's birthdayy at paintball ! :)
OMG im sore all over now! :( but paintball was definately funn :) ITS SO MUCH BETTER THE SECOND TIMEE ! D: im so glad i came, i was soo scared cos my first time was absolute hell! But i did get hit once on the side of my head and that made me want to cry :'(
BUT I DIDNT :D cos im a hero. and im a man.
woo :)
At night was the afterparty at ash'sss :) i love her house. seriously, it feels so home-y
Met a few new people and had darithy embarrass me in soo many ways. HAHAH
i didnt get any photos from the whole day but! i had my camera but the thought totally passed my mind. LOL D:
okay i gotta get started on biology assessment. its dued tmr and pretty much, im screwed. HAHA

animal kingdom out there. survival of the fittest.
Friday, June 18, 2010 at 10:45 PM

why are some people so inconsiderate? How can someone be so cold..
sigh, i know my recent blogs have been very, well, depressing. i promise ill try to happy blog again sooooon....
but seriously, some people i honestly believe have no heart. :(

Darling you are, the only exception (8)
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 9:46 PM

If there is anything ive learnt in the last couple of months
its that.
no matter how hard you try for something, sometimes, its better to just accept that you cant change things.

Maybe I know, somewhere deep in my soul, that love never lasts

i mean, acceptance itself.. given time .. feels absolutely grand.

And we've got to find other ways to make it alone

And who knows, maybe what you're fighting for, in the end, isn't really worth it. All that time you spent, all the hurt, all those tears .. wasted..

i had sworn to myself that im content with loneliness

i know ive been up and down this road so many times, and i have never been sooo appreciative of everyone who has had to put up with me for the past few months. It would've been frustrating, guys, i know- watching me run back to old habits when i even know myself the consequences of it all.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk

Ive come to realise, that sometimes.. its just not fair. If the effort you put in is farr greater than that you're receiving back, its never fair.

Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream

And yeah, if youre in a situation that seems like it has no favourable outcome, look deeper. There is always a bright side. And it may be hard. It may make you cry more than you ever had. But sometimes, its inevitable.

But I can't let go of what's in front of me here

But ive also learnt, that sometimes, its definately worth a fight. And 50 years from now, looking back at your life, at least you can say
"i gave it my best shot." "i gave it everything i had"

She would never let herself forget

Ive never really been the type of person to do the things im doing today. Its all new to me, its true what they say.. maybe it really does make you do crazy things. And ive done something, before, that i must say, i really regret.
I didnt fight. I didnt fight when i should have.

and that was the day i promised, that i would not sing of love, if it does not exist.

So I'm gonna fight now. Wish me luck guys. (L)

Darling, you, are, the only exception.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 6:22 PM

Personality Check.
Monday, June 7, 2010 at 9:20 PM

So, i have this friend, yeah?
and ive known this person for quite some time . Not the longest, but to me, time does not play a major role in determining the closeness of a relationship between two people. :)

so anyways, this person has told me something, several times, and i have never really paid much attention to it.
"My Linh, you've changed."
and i know some of you are prolly thinking "oh god ml, really? a D&M blog about THIS? everyone changes!"
yeah i know, but the thing is, im not sure if im happy with WHO i changed into.
I dont want to sound like im an arrogant bitch , that im in love with myself or whatever, but its true .. i was soo much happier with myself before
To be honest .. i dont know what happened . :\

Im so sick of feeling this constant .. idk .. worry. and .. sadness :\
I miss the days where i was .. more carefree about everything. More happy.
The days where i would literally wake up everyday , happy, go to school to just be smiling through out the whole day. Laughing at stupid things and being the biggest idiots with certain peoplee

The days where drinking and partying made me feel weird. The days where buying a new pair of HEELS made me all tingly and happy for weeks. The days where swear words did not exist in my vocabulary. The days where i would do my homework everynight, and feel so bad if i skip even one question. The days where i used to believe that i was going to be the best i can be. You know, those days.

Seriously, i dont know who i am anymore .. I respond so differently to situations now, than i would've in the past. I am so much more angry .. so much more easily upset .. so much more emotionally affected by the littlest things.. ><><
sigh. idk, i just hope im back to "normal" soon
whatever that is :(

OH and one more thing. i made a decision today!
i decided that i will not touch a drop of alcohol until i am 18 !
i can do it guys, the same person pointed out that its so much more worth it when you wait till youre actually legall!
and with the whole, clubbing and shit as well, lets just wait it out!
no more wanting of fakies and stuff. 18 is not that far awayy :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 12:10 AM


Hi! My Linh here. =) Year 12 stress is definitely starting to take its toll on me, but hey, persevere for just a while longer. LOL :]
I absolutely love life, the ups, the downs, the everything. Having an open mind and optimism i believe are key factors in getting the most out of life, and yeah, im still working on it. :D
I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee. And strawberries and cream. And dumplings omg yummmmmm =9
And yeah i tend to braindump a lot around here, LOL :)

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